The Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works specifies 1.2mm diameter stainless steel tying wire for use on all exposed faces on road and bridge structures. In general it is a sensible practice to always use stainless steel tying wire with stainless steel reinforcing bar, this is to ensure that if the tying wire encroaches too close to the surface of the concrete cover, the chances of any rust staining are eliminated. Valbruna offer a standard 1.2mm diameter grade 304 stainless steel tying wire which has been soft annealed.

Tying Wire Technical Data

Stainless Steel Grade AISI 304 / 1.4301
Tying Wire Diameter 1.2mm – h9 tolerance
Wire Tensile Strength 740 N/mm²
Coil Size 20 kg catch weight coils
Stainless Steel Tying Wire
Stainless Steel Tying Wire