Racking Sheffield

Wide range of stainless steel bar products

We can offer the widest range of stainless steel bar products in the market. Additionally we can offer a very good service. Our service undertaking is not just about delivering stainless steel. It is, as always, also a question of quality around everything that has to do with delivery i.e. from the first contact until the material has arrived at your premises.

Through accurate information on-line with our sales channels, efficient handling of enquiries and orders, in combination with good knowledge about the customer needs we offer fast and accurate deliveries. Every delivery should in every respect correspond to our promises. Our aim is to deliver in time and we do not accept any errors on our part in connection with deliveries.

Our cold drawn round bars are ideal for forming and machining.

Our Maxival grade of austenitic stainless steel, 1.4307 and 1.4404, have improved machinability properties suitable for mass production of small component pieces.

Our ground bars are well suited for mass production of small parts with high demands on surface roughness, straightness and small tolerances.

Ground bars are commonly used for propeller shafts, piston rods and bolts.

Our machined round bars are well suited for machining and capable to resist tough environment.  They have high formability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Common industry uses are oil platforms, food industry equipment, and within paper and pulp industries. Common applications include shafts, pump and valves, piston rods, bolts and nuts.