Rebar Cut and Bent
Stainless Steel Cut and Bent reinforcing

Reval is the trade mark for the five most popular stainless steel grades of reinforcement bar manufactured by Acciaierie Valbruna S.p.A, these being:

  • 1.4162 (Lean Duplex)
  • 1.4301 (304 S31)
  • 1.4362 (Lean Duplex)
  • 1.4436 (316 S33)
  • 1.4462 Duplex

The quality of the reinforcing bar produced under the Reval trade mark is a result of a very close co-operation between Acciaierie Valbruna and the European Academic world devoted to the problems of concrete structure durability within aggressive corrosion environments.

Reval® – Material Grades and Standards

European Standard: EN 10088-3.1995
British Standard: BS 6744:2001 A2:2009

Valbruna Standard European Standard British Standard Stainless Steel Type Availability
1.4162 Lean Duplex On Request
Reval 30 1.4301 304 S31 Austenitic Stock U.K. & Italy
1.4362 Lean Duplex Stock U.K. & Italy
Reval 31 1.4436 316 S33 Austenitic Stock U.K. & Italy
1.4429 Austenitic Italy
Reval 32 1.4462 318 S13 Duplex Italy

Stainless Steel Material Grade Selection

Service Condition Material Grade
For structures or components with either a long design life, or which are inaccessible to future maintenance.  1.4301 (304 S31)
For structures or components exposed to chloride contamination with no relaxation in durability design.  1.4301 (304 S31)
Reinforcement Bridging Joints, or penetrating the concrete surface and also subject to chloride contamination.  1.4436 (316 S33)
Structures subject to chloride contamination where reductions in normal durability requirements are proposed.  1.4436 (316 S33)

Reval® – Material Strength and Properties

Reval Reinforcement Bar conforms to BS 6744:2001

0.2% Proof Strength (N/mm² minimum) 500
Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm² minimum) 550
Elongation 14%

A high proof Reval is available on certain diametes in all three grades of stainlesss steel with a 0.2% proof strength of 650 N/mm².  This material is available on request.

Reval® Properties

Dia mm 6 8 10 12 16 20 25 32 40
Area mm² 28.3 50.3 78.5 113.1 201.1 314.2 490.9 804.2 1256.6
Mass kg/m 0.234 0.409 0.639 0.920 1.625 2.538 3.965 6.500 10.150

Reval® – Stock and Cut Lengths

Stock Lengths 6000mm – 6400mm random lengths Shape Codes to BS 8666: 2005
Cut Lengths Any combination from stock lengths or BS 4466: 1986

Reval can be supplied up to 12000mm long to order.

UK Cares

UK Cares Certificate Logo
UK Cares certificate logo

Clients can specify UK CARES approved products such as Reval Stainless Steel reinforcing bar with confidence, as they will always comply with the relevant UK and European Standards.