Aeroval X122MV

Material Description

Hardenable martensitic grade with high tensile properties, good ductility and good creep rupture strength.


Aircraft structural parts, gas turbine compressor components, shafts, turbine discs and high temperature bolting.

Corrosion Resistance and Scaling Temperature

Scaling temperature: 650°C

Best corrosion properties are achieved when material is hardened and tempered.

Hot Working

Preheating is required for large sections.  This grade should be hot worked at t° = 1000 - 1170°C.

Slow cooling to room temperature and immediate annealing or tempering are recommended.

Melting Practices

This grade could be multiple melted using AOD practice followed by either vacuum or electroslag consumable electrode remelting.


Standard precautions for martensitic grades should be applied in order to avoid HAZ cracking.

In general, a preheating at t° = 200 - 300° C and a post welding tempering at 30-40°C under the tempering temperature of base metal.  This post weld tempering has to be done when the weld part drops to room temperature and then has to be immediately tempered.


This grade could be machined as AISI 431 or AIDI 630 (H1100, H1150).

After the solution heat treatment material achieves UTS 680-690 N/mm², in this condition it can be cold-formed by standard processes.

Technical Data Sheets