Aeroval AIST

Material Description

Austenitic Stainless Steel stabilised by the addition of Titanium.  Since this grade is an austenitic, it can not be precipitation hardened; mechincal properties can be increased by cold working only.  AIST exhibits good intergranular corrosion resistance.


AIST can be used for aircraft components as collector rings, exhaust manifolds, expansion joints. Generally AISC is used for applications subjected to intermittent heating from 450° and 900°C as: pressure vessels, welded structures, high-temp chemical processing and gas turbine blades.

Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance

Because of Columbium addition capable to enhancethe intergranular corrosion resisitance, AIST can be used for many different applications as chemical and oil processing textile manufacturing and food industry.  AIST provides a good resistance to scale formation up to 860°C.


AIST can be welded.  If filler metal is requested AWS E/ER347 should be used.  Post-weld heat treatment is not strictly needed unless high temperature service is required.

Technical Data Sheets