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A product line offering material and material grades ideal within the aircraft industry.
Marinox and Aquashaft identify a series of austenitic stainless steels precipitation hardening grades and duplex steels intended for the manufacture of propeller shafts in the shipbuilding industry. Utilising these types of steel the designer can reduce the shaft dimensions and hence use smaller supports and seals. The simultaneous reduction of weight and hydrodynamic resistance permits better performances and greater efficiency.
Magival is a range of ferritic stainless steels, with a high degree of machinability, developed for magnetic applications
Produced by Acciaierie Valbruna since the begninning of the Eighties and constantly improved, MAXIVAL is a stainless steel resistiant to corrosion and machanically as strong as the ordinary 304 and 316 but with a much superior machinability. The advantages offered to a machine shop working with MAXIVAL are:
Many grades of Stainless Steel and High Nickel alloys are extensively used in oil, gas and power generation applications thanks to their unique combination of high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion, in chloride containing environments and environments where induced cracking is a problem.
It is now realised that for many concrete structures durability is of a major importance, and that there is a need to minimise the risk of damage due to reinforcement corrosion in the aggressive environment. The vastly improved anti corrosive performance obtained, and the whole life cost benefits, from the use of stainless steel reinforcement bar can now be more readily recognised.